WTB Female
WTB Female

Features & Performance

nDIP type;40pin、34pin、30pin、28pin、26pin、22pin、20Pin、10pin. 

nConnector system ?: wire to board 

nNumber of lines ?: 2 

nCenterline (spacing): 2 mm 

nMain product color: Black 

nConnector product type: Housing 

nConnector and housing type ?: female end, female end

Product Specifications


Product Catalog

WTB  Female.pptx

Product Drawings

C_560ABG-002Hxxx00000_WTB Famale 10P HSG_Rev X2.pdf

C_560LBG-002Hxxx00000_WTB Famale 20P HSG_Rev X2.pdf

C_560NBG-002Hxxx00000_WTB Famale 22P HSG_Rev X2.pdf

C_560SBG-002Hxxx00000_WTB Famale 26P HSG_Rev X2 (2).pdf

C_560WBG-001Hxxx00000_WTB Famale 30P HSG_Rev X1.pdf

C_560UBG-002Hxxx00000_WTB Famale 28P HSG_Rev X2 (2).pdf

C_5617BG-001Hxxx00000_WTB Famale 40P HSG_Rev X1.pdf

C_5611BG-003Hxxx00000_WTB Famale 34P HSG_Rev X2.pdf